Hello people in Panama!!

My grampa used to live in Panama and I though that there might be someone who knew him.  My name is Justin and my  grandpa is named is Doge. He might know you,  who ever is  reading this. I hope that  if you might know him, can you leave me a Comment. Thank you.  I hope you respond.

My favorite thing in there good so fare.

Even though we barely were in this grade so far, I have been having a great time so far.I have sooooooooooooooooooooooooooo many good friends so far. We also have like fifteen class pets in our class. They  are:  Bamboo, our gecko, Sandy the hermit crab, and like 10 fish.  And there have only been  44 l school days already.















Camp Lincoln

Me and my class went to Camp Lincoln.  When we got there we got out and played a really fun game. 3e won the game versiu 3c. The game was awesome. After the game we went to the cabins and they told us that the camp is not a over night camp any more and that’s sad. After the talk we went with a person named Goat. Goat taught us how to make a tea called Trail Spice tea. And we had to try to find the ingredients and I found most of them. There were three ingredients for the tea. I loved the tea soooooooooooooooo much that I wanted more of the tea. And after we had the tea we saw some goats and got told a story. The story was that the last group of kids said that  he was born by goats .He almost laughed but he did not.  Then it was time for lunch. After lunch we went to the ropes and the high wall.

At Mr. Gs

This week we went to Mr.G’s challenge. We were going to continue what we were doing yesterday. The last time we did it, it did not turn out that well. This time I hoped this would go the right way.  This time we had a great idea: to tie our sweatshirts together. Some of the people thought it would not work, but they were wrong.  We got the challenge correct.  YAY!

All About Me

Hello, my name is Justin. My favorite sport is basketball. Why? Because my dad
taught it to me at 1 year old and it stuck with me. My favorite hobby is magic. Magic
is the one of  first thing I learned to do in my life. My favorite food is pizza. Who doesn’t
like pizza? My best friend is Jack, but he’s in the other class than me so that’s sad
right. My other friends are Landon, Javey, Max, Henry, Ellie, Piper, Chloe, Holden,
Hollis, Sophie, Lily, Edward, Alex, Landin, Jack, Jack, Jack , Van and Anna.