Hello Panama (again)

My name is Justin I am from North Hampton, New Hampshire. I already wrote a letter to you, but I have some more questions. Are you allowed to visit the volcanos or  not? What language is the easiest for you speak? Do you now anyone who works at the Panama Canal?  Do you work at the Panama Canal?  What is that like? Does your country have traditional food? Do you ever get snow or dos it not snow there because you are so close to the equator? Do you even now what snow is? Have you ever seen the Panama Golden Frog?  What kind of house do you live in? Is it close to the ocean or is it not close? What’s your favorite part of living there?

Humphrey review

I really like this book.  It is one of my favorite books In the holl entire world. We startid to read the book peopol were not that crazy abowt the book .when we finished the book, peopol were sad to not be able to reed the book then we red the next book. Then we startid to do Humphrey book clubs we all loved Humphrey a lot.

My Inquiry Project

Hello my name is Justin, yes from the Inquiry Project. My Inquiry Project was about Dingos, also called the Australian wild dog.  It can weigh up to 49 pounds. The size of the Dingo is 100cm/125cm.(39/49in.) The scientific name for the Dingo is Canis Lupus Dingo. Dingos are a kind of mammal just like you. My favorite part of the Inquiry Project is making the the magazine because it was fun to make a word search.

Super Heroes According to Bamboo Chapter 2

At night Bambo figured out that the top was not on that well so he snuck out of his cage and made his way to the school library. When he got there he used his super power to get to the handle to open the door and get into the library.  Then he went on to the computers to look for books about Super Heroes.  He found a book of The Flash.

“That’s Flash, Justin’s favorite superhero.”

He read the book and he realized that he could put the book on hold for Flash Justin.

Super heros according to Bamboo Chapter 1

Today we are going to learn about super heroes. I cannot wait to said Captain Holden Me either said Black Widow Piper.After the comic book Flash Justin came Over with Black widow Piper and Super Sophie and said to Bamboo and said I know you might not understand this but I went to New York city and my Dad got me a picture of my favorite Super hero the Flash. Then Bamboo wanted to be a super hero to like the flash. Then he asked his next door neighbor Sandy if you were a super hero what would your super power be? I think I would want may super power to be flying. I kind of have a super power. What is that Bamboo. Waking on walls.

My Vacation.

It was my brother’s birthday and he was turning 5 years old. I was jealous because, well it  was his birthday and you wouldd be jealous.  if he was your brother. He got a hat at Margaritas. He also went to Bowl -o- rama. I went there with my Grandpa and my Grandma. We  started with this build a monster thing.  I was really good at the game. I got two strikes there . We then did a real game. My Grandma  won the first game and then I won the second one against my brother. I won by 89 points and I also got two stikes.