What is your favorite room in your home and why?

My favorite room in the house is one of the guest rooms because when there is heat it will be my bedroom. Dad said so.  My brother wants to be in the room across from me. There is a door that would separate us from the rest of the house.  The room is big and I will have a lot of room to put my stuff.  I can hear anything that is on the TV downstairs if I am bored.  If Jacob is in the other room I can help him get dressed.  I will have no room for stuff that will pile up in my closet.

If I were a turtle living in a pond, I would…

If I were a turtle living in a pond, I would eat little fish that swim by me.  I would see birds that see me and try to get me.  When the bird was 10 feet away I would dive into the water.  I would try to hold my breath longer than any other turtle.  My friends would be big fish and turtles, but not big turtles who would bother me.  I would leave the pond a lot to eat flies and stuff.  I would invent basketshell and I would be the best at it.  Basketshell is like basketball but for turtles.  I would also make shellccer which is like soccer, shellkey which is like hockey, and shellcross which is like lacrosse.  And they would become famous games.  I would invent the biggest house in the whole water world and what the turtle would think is the whole world.

what makes a mystery story and mystery 🔍

A mystery is a story where you figure out what is weird and try to solve it.  People who solve the problems are called detectives.  People who are involved in the mystery are called suspects.  The detectives uncover more problems while trying to figure out what is weird.  Some mysteries are easy to solve and some mysteries are hard to solve.  Clues help the detectives solve the mystery.  The detectives usually get distracted on their cases.  The surroundings usually distract the detective.  The suspects also distract the detective.  What makes a mystery special is sometimes you can figure out what is going to happen and sometimes you can’t.


The Fabled Life of Aesop

There are three things I think are important about Aesop:

  1. He made stories and was wise.
  2. He learned to speak in code
  3. He got sold two times as a slave.

The two things I think are important about fables:

  1. That they teach lessons.
  2. That they live on forever.

I still wonder about:

  1. Did Ancient Greece invent any famous food?

My run with my mom

It was Saturday and my Mom did not run in the morning.  So she asked me if I wanted to run with her.  So I said yes I did.  She said I was going to run 6 miles so we got started.  We ran around the block and we were going to go to the street across from us and ran around there.  Then we started to go to the commercial park where Lindt Chocolate was.  I was super tired and my Mom said it was alright to go back.  I said no ma’am.  Then I had some water and then I was ready to keep on running.  So we kept on running to the commercial park.  I saw houses I have never seen before.  I liked it a lot.  To see houses I have never seen made me think, who lives in those houses?  When we got to the commercial park I was soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo tired that I asked if I could walk for right now.  We walked and ran all over the commercial park.

When we started to run, we went around the Lindt Chocolate factory loop and when we ended we went around the Lindt Chocolate factory loop and went back to Exeter Road.  And then we went back home.  When we got back home, we had run a 10k.  A 10k is 6.2 miles.

The next day my legs were sore.  They actually still sore.

Mouse and the motorcycle – part 4

Ralph was scared that Keith would be angry that he had lost the motorcycle, but he needed to tell the truth.  So he told Keith that he had lost the motorcycle, but Keith was not angry for some reason.  Then Ralph asked for something not weird for breakfast.  He asked for toast, jelly, and bacon.  Keith said that he would get it for him.  When Keith got back he had a fever and he was sick.  He was sick in a bad way.  So Ralph went to go find the motorcycle when Keith was asleep.

And that is how far I got today in the book.