The Land of Stories Review

The Land of Stories is a book series that has all the fairy tales combined. The main characters in the book are these two twins Alexis t is a girl that is very good at school and Conner, a boy, is very funny. There are 7 books in the series and they go on all these adventures. They travel into fairytale world and in fairytale world there are kingdoms.  Here are the names of the kingdoms: The Red Riding Hood Kingdom / Bo-Peep Republic / The Center Kingdom the name of the kingdom changes in the series. The Queen of the Red Riding Hood kingdom is, you guessed it, Red Riding Hood. There is also the Elf Empire, the Troll and Goblin Territory (which in the third book becomes the troll and goblin lake and has a new Quean queen, Troll Bella.) This is all so the sleeping kingdom that turns into the eastern kingdom that has sleeping beauty and king charming and there are 4 princes charming the fourth one is the long lost Charming brother. And I give the book 100000000000000000 out of 100000000000000000