Norbridge Falls

Innerpersonal traits

  1. Owner of Winterhouse. 
  2. Does not get angry that much. 
  3. Can do magic. 
  4. Likes theater. 
  5. Has a lot of friends. 
  6. He is secretive. 
  7. Leona Springs is his best friend. 
  8. He has a lot to tell.
  9. Puts everyone before him. 
  10. Smart. 
  11. Nice.
  12. Loves Winterhouse. 
  13. Elizabeth Somers is his granddaughter. 
  14. Funny. 
  15. Fun.
  16. Stressed. 
  17. Worried


Description of  inner personality traits

  1. Showy, He likes putting on shows for the people at Winterhouse.
  2.  Secretive, He dos not talk about a secret book in Winterhouse. 
  3. Nice, He puts people in Winterhouse before himself. 
  4. Worried, He thinks his evil sister will come back.