Yesterday, me and my brother played outside with Sophie, James, and Landon.  We went outside at 9:30AM and only came in for lunch at 1:30pm and stayed out till 4:30pm.  We used Sophie’s zip line.  We played World Cup.  Jacob beat James.  I beat Sophie and then I beat Jacob.  I stole a shot from him when I was letting him have an extra shot on goal so that he could have a little fun.  And here is what Jacob thinks about it:

Hi, Jacob.  How did you like yesterday when I allowed you to take an extra shot on me?  Was it fun?

Wazza! Good!  It was fun!

Did you feel fine when I stole the ball before it went in?


Wow!  I was not expecting to hear yes.  Wow!  So, Jacob, I have a question for you.  Were you happy that you beat James?

Answer is…YES!

Jacob, for that goal I am going to let you write something in the rest of my posts.


Me and Jacob really enjoyed being outside yesterday.  It was very fun.  I have poison ivy and it had been hurting to bike and sit, but now it is easier and it was very fun.

2 thoughts on “Yesterday

  1. Hi Justin,
    I was fun to read about your great day! You are lucky to live in a neighborhood with other kids and it sound like you all had amazing fun. You are a terrific brother!

    I am also super glad that your poison ivy is getting better. That’s the worst!
    Keep on being awesome!
    👊🏻 Mrs. Eaves

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