Justin’s mystery ~ The Wand of Wonderman

“Justin, time to wake up. You do not want to be late for school.” 

“I am coming, Mom!” said Justin.  Jacob was getting dressed while pretending to be a ninja.  When Justin came in and said, “Jacob, do you know what day it is?”  Then Jacob said, “No.”  “It’s your first day of school at my school!”  “YES!” screamed Jacob.  “I have been waiting for this all year!!” screamed Jacob.  “Me too!” screamed Justin.  “Justin, Jacob, you’re going to be late for school.  And stop screaming, you’re going to wake up Dad!”  “I am coming.”  “Me too!” said Jacob.

After school Justin asked his bus driver, Caitlin, “Can Jacob sit in the fourth grade seat with me?”  “Sure, Justin.” replied Caitlin.  “YES!” Justin whispered to himself.  When Jacob got on the bus, Caitlin said, “Your brother is in the farthest back fourth grade seat.  You can sit with him.”  Jacob rushed back to where his brother was sitting and sat in the window seat.  Then Justin said, “We are going to have a book report soon.  Would you like to help me with it?” 

 “Yes, I would love to,” said Jacob.  Then Justin asked, “What teacher did you get?  Was it Mrs. Pongrace?” “Yes, it is, Justin!” said Jacob.  “Can I tell you a little secret? Did you know that you get to paint with pudding in Mrs. Pongrace’s class?” whispered Justin. “Yes, you have told me that so much, Justin.” said Jacob.  

When they got home, Justin ran straight up to his room and screamed into Bearie,the big bear that he got when he broke his leg right before he turned four. Then he fell through a hole.  Justin screamed, “Jacob, come up to my room!”  When Jacob didn’t come, Justin looked at his watch and said, “Oh it’s almost time for my junior black belt class.”  He climbed out and went to class.

After Justin’s karate class, he headed back upstairs to his room.  Justin grabbed all the supplies he and Jaob would need for their adventure.  He shoved it all into three biggest sports bags he got at Dick’s Sporting Goods Store.  Justin tossed his bags into the hole and jumped so that he would land on the bag with clothes.  He missed and ended up in a tuck and roll.

Then Justin screamed, “Hey, Jacob! Come up to my room and shut the door please.”  Two minutes later Jacob came in and locked the door.  “Come to Bearie.”  Jacob saw Bearie and walked to Justin.  Then he fell through the same hole that Justin fell through before his karate class.

Justin caught Jacob after he fell through the hole.  Jacob said, “I can’t sleep without Owly.  Why did you do that?”  Then Justin said, “I packed Owly for our adventure or wherever this leads.”  Jacob says, “It is super hot in this tunnel.  I hope it’s a pool.”  They started to walk around the cave.  

“Hey, Jacob, there’s a note here and a sword with holes?!!?” Justin said confusedly. The note said:

If you are reading this, there has been a diamond sword that has been stolen millions of years ago.  The diamonds have been hidden in different places.  You will need your entire family to solve this crime.  Inside of this box there is a magical bone.  Use it the right way and everyone will be fine.  Use it the evil way and everyone in your family will disappear.  The finder of this note is the rightful owner of the diamond and will be safe. Anyone else who touches the diamond sword and did not find the note will become evil.  If you are holding the bone, you can also touch the diamond sword and not turn evil.

Use this map and keep on going through this passage and you will find your way to get the diamond.

Good luck! 

Old owner of the beach house.

“Oh, that looks super cool!  Jacob, you are the one who takes care of the bone. But do not let anyone touch it unless they know our secret handshake and weird song and secret code.” “Ok,” said Jacob.  And they followed the secret passageway. 

Then they arrive at a secret library under North Hampton Beach.  The library was called Trueggle and everything was true, unless they were Fairy Tales.  It was super weird because the biggest section was about THEM! They had looked up who stole the diamond.  They figured out it was their great, great, great, etc Uncle Jim Bob 36.  “Why did our million great, great, great, Uncle steal the diamond sword?” asked Justin. “And who is he?” wondered Jacob.  Then he went over to look at a book about him when he was one and used to live in their house in Kingston, NH.

“Jacob, stop playing with the books about you,” said Justin.  When the rest of the people in the library all stopped and looked at them like the boys had just started a fire.  Then the people went wild.  Some of the people screamed and the rest of them fainted.  “What happened?” they asked someone who could hold them from going crazy.  “You are the most famous people in the Magical Libraries!” said the magical librarian.  “The Magical Libraries?” Justin and Jacob asked in confusion. “The Magical Libraries are like the Land of Stories, but instead of kingdoms there are libraries.  Does that make any sense to you guys?”  “That makes sense for me,” says Justin.  “That makes sense for me.  I heard enough of the book for it to make sense.” says Jacob.  

“Ok, here is a special shell for you and a diamond for the sword for you to get to the mountain library.  There you will need to find a special blue gem to get to the Texas library.  There you will need to find a robotic bird named Zane to get to the Panama library.  Somewhere around that library the diamond is hidden.  Ok?”

“Got it!” Justin and Jacob said at the same time.  Then they went to the teleporter station and went to the mountains.

In the mountains in Gilford, New Hampshire, less people fainted around them, but the people who didn’t faint freaked out even more.  “Hello, Jacob!” said the librarian.  “Hello, you must be Jacob.  You and Justin are AWESOME! Oh sorry, my name is Mrs. Falcon.  I know that does not make sense, but my great, great, great, great, great Grandmother had a nose like a falcon.”  “That’s cool! Jacob said.  “Oh yeah, this library is called Safari” said Mrs. Falcon  “Do you know where the special blue gem and diamond are?” asked Justin.  “No, I do not, but I know that they connect to make a Wand of Wonderman that makes whoever touches it invincible.  You can use the special shell and if you feel a force, that is probably where it is going to be hidden.  But, you should stay here because it is late. Ok?”  “Ok,” they said.  They got their blankets out of their bag and went to sleep.

When they woke up, they asked the librarian to help them find the blue gem.  “Hey, Guys!  The shell led me here and I found a secret passageway!” said Jacob.  Then Jacob opened the passage and Justin said, “There’s the diamond and the blue gem.”  Jacob grabbed them and said, “ We have to get going. Something is happening to the mountain library!”  Mrs. Falcon said “Go to the teleporters.  We are just getting ready to move to our brand new library location.  We are moving to the beach library.  If you find the other missing pieces of the wand, we will all be connected again.”  Justin and Jacob got to the teleporter and they said, “Good luck with the move!”  Then Mrs. Falcon said, “Good luck finding the rest of the Wand of Wonderman.  I need to make sure that everyone is calm and knows what is happening to the library.”  They left.  The diamond, the shell, and blue gem combined into a magical part of the Wand of Wonderman.

The boys got into the teleporter and travel to Austin, Texas. “Hello!” said a weird voice.  It scared Jacob so much that he did a high pitch scream and scared everyone else.  Then the weird voice said, “I am Invisible Tom, the owner of the Austin Magical Library.”  “Hi, Invisible Tom!  Do you know what happened to the Mountain Library?”  “Indeed I do,” said Invisible Tom.  “Can I just call you Creepy Guy Tom?” asked Justin.  “NO YOU CANNOT!  Ok, fine.” said Creepy Guy Tom.  “Can you y’all let me start the story?” asked Creepy Guy Tom.  “Yes.” Justin and Jacob said at the same time.

“Ok. A long time ago the diamond was stolen and this gigantic library split into the four libraries you have to go to to get the stuff to create the Wand of Wonderman.  Then you will have to use the Wand of Wonderman to destroy the powers of the relatives.” said Creepy Guy Tom.  “That means that we have an evil cousin that has been pretending to be good because we are good,” said Justin.  “Precisely!” said Creepy Guy Tom.  “So every time the Wand of Wonderman gets a little bit more built the library that you found it around will move under where you live.  You will be able to go here whenever you want.”  “Ok. Then why are we famous?” asked Jacob.  “Because Trueggle can tell the future and we knew a million years ago that someone in your family will find the passage and beat the quest and that is at that second the part of the Wand of Wonderman flew out of their hands.  Jacob said, “Follow that wand!”  They ran after it.  After two hours of running around the top of Austin, they came to a stop to a stop at the extra teleporter.  The wand hit the teleporter, but it stayed.  Then Justin lifted up the teleporter and found the diamond that was missing from the Wand of Wonderman and a note.  The note said, “In the next spot only Zane can find the last diamond and the thing that was missing from the Wand of Wonderman.” This missing thing is Zane.  The boys wondered who Zane was. Just then, Creepy Guy Tom said, “Zane is a robotic bird who bonds with the person who finds him. In that case, Justin is the one who Zane bonded with.”  

After a little rest, they said good-bye to Creepy Guy Tom and went to Panama.  They walked into the extra teleporter.

In Panama, the library was called WaterFox and it was so small pretty much the whole library was about Justin and Jacob.  “Hello!” Justin said to someone, “Where is the librarian?”  “Hello, my name is Geoff.”  “Well, you must not be from around here.  There is no librarian…YET!” said a little voice.  “Howard! Why did you say that?” asked Geoff. “Because I want to be the librarian!”  “Howard, where are you going with this?” asked Geoff.  “I am saying, I am going to help them and if I do it I will become the librarian this library needs for the big move.” responded Howard.  “What is the move?” said Geoff.  “It is when the librarian will warn everyone that all four libraries are going to come together into one big library.”  “Justin and Jacob, what are the four biggest libraries you have seen?” asked Howard.  “Ok I will answer this, Jacob,” said Justin.  “One is the Texas library.  Two is the beach library.  Three is the mountain library.  Fifth is the North Hampton Public Library.”  “Oh, come on! Why are we not in that list?” Howard asked.  Justin responded, “Because you are the smallest one.”  “Ok. That is disappointing.  So what can we help you with?” asked Howard.  “We need you to turn on Zane.  Ok?” said Justin.  Then Howard, the self appointed librarian entered a secret passcode and Zane turned on.  Then Zane immediately flew to the giftshop that they saw out of a hole and stopped.  The group followed and Zane snatched a mola out of Justin and Jacob’s cousin’s hand.  Justin asked, “Why are you doing this Joe?”  “I do not want you to fight me because I am not evil.  I will give you the diamond that goes with the Wand of Wonderman and the mola.”  Then Justin said, “Because Joe gave us the final piece of the Wand of Wonderman, I declare him to be the leader of all the libraries when they are put together.”  “Thank you, Justin.  I will use the Wand of Wonderman to protect all the libraries.” said Joe.  Then Justin and Jacob disappeared through the teleporter.  

They decided this was the best first day of school ever!

The End.


Howard became the vice leader of the libraries.  Joe is still not evil and is making sure that no one evil is entering the libraries.  If Joe feels that he is becoming evil, he will give the Wand of Wonderman to Howard to protect everyone from Joe, but that has not happened yet…

7 thoughts on “Justin’s mystery ~ The Wand of Wonderman

  1. Dearest Justin,
    I am so stinking proud of you! This assignment was hard and you buckled down and muscled through it. You did a fantastic job!! I love how your imagination comes alive in this story.

    I love you!

    1. 😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁

  2. Nice Job!!!! I am proud of you for finishing such a long story. It feels good knowing hard work pays off.

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